Yet again it has been waaaaaaaaay too long since the last update here on Slurd so I thought it was about time to put things straight and put up this post with a few iPhone shots from my recent trip to Morocco with the girlfriend and our mates Pete and Lisa… Advertisements

Just a load of pictures really…

Been slacking again, heres some photos of recent happenings to tie things over till I think of something half decent to post….

The Reason….

A little late on this one, nothing new there I think I’m a little late on most things. Any how the latest issue of The Reason just dropped, its a snowboard mag put together by some friends of mine and headed up by the great Ian Sansom. Its a few issues deep now and quickly … Continue reading

If you haven’t already, watch this….

This ones been doing the rounds for a while now, but for those of you who haven’t already seen it or fancy another watch heres the Chase & Status video for ‘Blind Faith’ ft. Liam Bailey. In my opinion this is a really well done video from Somesuch & Co managing to convincingly recreate the … Continue reading

View From the Cockpit….

Just a couple of photos from on the bike, was nice and sunny earlier so I went and bombed a hill or two…

Bean to Cup….

Much to my delight, my girlfriend has been exploiting my love of coffee for christmas and valentines day gifts. I now have an awesome little stove top espresso maker which has just benefitted from the addition of a hand coffee grinder to the kitchen, below are just some pictures from brewing up a cup. There’s … Continue reading

The Full Veggie….

Rode over to East Dulwich on Sunday morning for some brunch, stumbled across a nice little cafe called The Blue Brick. By the time I’d noticed it was a vegetarian place we were already seated, I was pretty amped for a full English but I had to instead opt for the ‘Full Veggie’. As it … Continue reading

VNA Issue 14

Issue 14 of Very Nearly Almost is out now, grab a copy, it features Bristol artist Sickboy otherwise known as Phet, and his cheeky red and yellow stylings. Theres a whole heap of other stuff in the mag (check the MASSIVE ‘Amaze’ dub, huge!) so its worth the asking price. Hit up the launch party … Continue reading

Things We’ve Eaten….

I dont really know who these guys are but they’ve got a great taste in food and have been revealing some of London’s lesser known eateries and providing their honest opinion on everything they eat, including their own creations. If the guys read this I’d like to point them in the direction of #MEATEASY a … Continue reading

On a South East London Ting….

So the sites been pretty inactive for a while, been so busy with other things, SLURD fell a bit by the wayside, but now it’s back! Theres been a bit of a relocation recently as I’ve now set up home with the lovely lady in a particular corner of South East London, New Cross/Brockley to … Continue reading